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Jumbo Wings, 50 Flavors

The Wing X brings you 50 unique flavors ranging from Garlic Parm to Cinnamon Candy Apple - a flavor for every craving. Take a look at all of our flavors and get inspired to try something new today.

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Arrangement of wing sauces

We decided to go big!

We are a bunch of wing enthusiasts and flavor masters bringing you the best of the best. Jumbo Wings, Fifty Flavors, isn’t just a catchy tagline: it’s our purpose. When we set out on this journey we decided we were all in going for broke. Not only did we want to offer the biggest, juiciest wings, we wanted the taste to knock the socks off our guests! We offer one of the largest (if not THE largest) wing flavor assortments around, with 50 glorious wing sauces to tempt every taste bud. From the international flair to the sweet and smooth; from the “wild for mild” to the “better bring the firehose” hot. Come and take a dip with us. WING ON!